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Dr David Palmer's offers a a full spectrum of services in a field of dentristry, orthodontics, endodontics, implantology, implant prosthodontics and cosmetic medicine.

Our Center

The Orthodontic and Dental Implantology Center was set up by doctor Ignazio Caticco in June 2009, in response to increasing expectations of Patients, who had been looking for a professional center that would provide them with universal range of dental services of a high quality and visual appearance level. For doctor Ignazio, the work of dentist is the crown of his dreams and his passion, which have always been connected with a widely understood concept of helping. That is why we are capable of understanding the problems and expectations of our patients. We are the people who sacrifice themselves and their time in order to create a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Welcome to use the dentist services in our institutions within the city limits.

We specialize in: Implantology – Orthodontics– Prosthodontics - - Cosmetic medicine.




is concerned with the reconstruction of lacking teeth and reconstruction of very destroyed teeth. The Orthodontic and Dental Implantology Center uses the newest technological and material achievements such as computer-made veneers and ceramic crowns or implants.



are currently the most modern form of teeth reconstruction, giving the real teeth's beauty and comfort achieved by having your own teeth.



is a branch of dentistry concerned with preventive medicine and treatment of overbites and face and jaw defects in kids, teenagers and adults.

Cosmetic medicine

cosmetic medicine

cosmetic dentistry sets out a number of modern solutions and treatments correcting the imperfections of smile, adjusted to patient's expectations and individual medical recommendations. In planning of treatment we use one principle – the minimum of intervention, the maximum of effect. Our cosmetic dentistry provides satisfaction with our patients who chose our dentist's office.

We care about your health, comfort of treatment, feeling of safety and dignity. Our advantage is full engagement and sacrifice in helping in the most difficult cases. We create a team for whom work is both passion and a receipt for life.

Open from Monday to Friday 08.00 - 16.00

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